PRP Facial Rejuvenation

PRP Facial Rejuvenation

PRP facial rejuvenation uses platelets from your own blood to help heal and renew your skin. The natural chemicals in your own PRP are slathered onto your face and then micro-needled into the skin during a short procedure. Once the plasma is in, it begins to do its work of rejuvenating your entire face. This is an anti-aging skin treatment that leaves the skin looking and feeling younger, smoother, and healthier. It’s able to do that because PRP’s essential chemical components stimulate collagen growth. 

PRP facial rejuvenation offers many benefits, including:

Increased collagen production

Reduced wrinkles and fine lines

Tightening and toning the skin

Reducing acne damage and scarring

Lessening dark under-eye circles

Minimizing crow’s feet

Reducing sun damage

Producing healthier skin

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